Seeing the Dentist and Getting the Drill

By | August 31, 2017

Yesterday I went for a dental checkup.  It was an unusual venture for me, because I am so paranoid about dental work that I usually put it off until I can’t stand it any longer.  But a friend had been admonishing me about it, so I finally agreed to go over to the dental school and sign in as a patient.  I wasn’t enthused about students having their lessons on my molars, but my friend assured me that the work was top-notch, and would cost far less than one of those infamous painless dentists who in my experience had been a pain in my mouth but also in my bank account.


My visit was far better than I had imagined.  The preliminary examination lasted quite a while, but it was the most thorough I had been through since my physical for the military.  I also had the opportunity to observe all those young coeds and student dental assistants and nursing students walking around dressed in outfits, like jeans and dresses I’d seen my daughter buy from Rue 21.  Of course, I don’t really believe they are that young, but the way they were dressed on that campus sure made me think so.  I can’ t say for sure where they bought their clothing and accessories from, but I know Rue 21 has the variety available.  And I had no doubt in my mind that many of those ladies had managed to keep their expenses down by taking advantage of Groupon promo codes that gave discounts of 25% on many purchases.  Any lady smart enough to understand the intricacies of dentistry would be wise enough to know how to use a Groupon to get the best clothing at the best possible savings around.


I was less enthralled when I learned that their initial examination showed the need for some drilling as part of the treatment they felt I should have.  However, they assured me the techniques had advanced quite a bit since I last had substantial dental treatment done.  I am still awaiting a second consultation, when we will settle upon the actual treatment plan.  They do offer laser treatment as well and I asked if I could review the laser company first:

I want to know if they’ll be using some kind of laser-equipped tools for drilling that will minimize the amount of pain I’ll encounter while this work is under way.